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Each project is unique: your goals and desires, design challenges and solutions, and technical issues to resolve. Our small team of professionals is dedicated to providing excellence in design, problem solving and customer service. We take you on a journey of discovery and growth through questioning, listening, and an organic development of ideas as the design evolves. We give you the tools you need to discover things you might not have considered in the beginning of the project. 

Our aim is provide you a remarkable experience throughout the process and to design a home that will bring you and your family delight every day you are there. With extensive experience creating custom homes, our strength is our ability to distill the client's specific needs, aspirations, lifestyle and budget, and then to articulate a vision that is functional and beautiful. 

Whether the project is a new house, an addition, or a remodel, our mission is to create your perfect home, and to guide you through the maze of decisions that are involved with any construction project. We can assist you with every detail including the composition and selection of cabinetry, hardware, lighting and all finish materials. Each of these small details will ultimately make your home the perfect expression of who you are.

Since 2-D construction drawings are not always easily read, we provide ample 3-D renderings to help you visualize the space from inside to outside before anything is built. Samples of these can be seen on our In Progress portion of this web site.

We know that you have an interest in high quality architectural design, and our goal on every project is to personalize every detail in order to achieve and exceed your expectations.


I started Gary Rosard Architect in Manhattan in 1987 after working for several high end commercial interiors firms. With a focus on residential work, projects range from apartment renovations, townhouses, additions to country homes, and new homes . Besides the many projects in Manhattan, I completed projects in the Hamptons, Berkshires, upstate New York, Pennsylvania, and Telluride, CO. 

My aesthetic preference has always been a modern style, but I seek to achieve warmth and comfort rather than the spare minimalism that many associate with modern design. My prior experience working in commercial interiors firms gave me an appreciation and love of the materials and details of interior design, and I always integrate this with the architectural expression of my projects. 

In 2003, I established my practice in Millburn NJ, where our firm has become highly sought after by clients interested in modern design. We are noted for our ability to transform ordinary houses into dream homes, and appreciated for providing excellent customer service at all phases of the project. 

Architectural Services

The first step is always a review of your  NEEDS AND OPTIONS. This is the foundation for making sure we have an understanding of what you are trying to achieve, and to help guide you to an understanding of the process.

Even if your project is to be done in phases, it is still a good idea to create a master plan for the final goal. This way the bigger picture is never forgotten as we work on individual phases.

Zoning restrictions are a crucial part of the pre-design analysis. Before design work is done for an addition or a new home, we will review the local zoning requirements. If your plans require a variance, we will assist you through all the steps of the process including any zoning board meetings.

Architectural & Interior Design
This is where the main portion of the work happens. We love making this a collaborative process, where your input is a crucial part of assuring a successful project. Besides the drawings you need for permits, we provide full design services to help you create a unified vision inside and out. 

Construction Administration
We will guide you through the process of selecting a contractor and then act as your representative during the construction phase. Renovation and addition projects are particularly prone to unforeseen conditions and challenges. From these often spring new options and challenges that we will assist with every step of the way.
Preliminary master plan
Needs and Options Review
It is not uncommon that a homeowner will have an idea about a project, but may be unclear on how best to start- or worse, launch into the process 
without first establishing the groundwork for the project. We have designed our Needs and Options Review as a valuable first step that will help you 
establish a clear vision for a way forward.

If you would like to discuss this further or set up an appointment to begin the Needs and Options review, please call us at 973-218-6656 or email gary@garyrosard.com

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