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If you are considering upgrades or improvements to your home, we encourage you to have a professional home energy assessment performed by a Building Performance Institute (BPI) accredited provider. !

Designed to uncover how your home loses or wastes energy through the building enclosure, this type of evaluation also provides valuable insight towards understanding comfort issues, poor indoor air quality, ventilation and many health and safety concerns. A BPI home energy auditor uses specialized equipment including infrared cameras, manometers (a tool that is used alongside the blower door and duct blaster equipment to analyze air leakage), and blower doors to inspect mechanical systems, ventilation, insulation levels and air leakage rates to determine opportunities for increased comfort and energy savings.

The areas for improvement identified during your home energy assessment may reduce household energy consumption by up to 30% and will likely improve the comfort, safety and durability of the home and its mechanical equipment. ! New Jersey’s version of the National Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program (NJHPwES) provides cash back and financing incentives to New Jersey homeowners who are willing to embrace a whole house approach to energy efficiency.

Older homes and new additions will both benefit from an energy assessment. Clients participating in this award-winning home improvement program will likely realize significant improved comfort and efficiencies in their home while enjoying the benefit of financial incentives which will help offset the cost of these improvements.

For information about getting a discounted assessment in New Jersey, please email us at info@garyrosard.com, and we will provide contact information for a trusted BPI accredited provider.
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